10 Richest Cities in Indiana Based on Census Data

Indiana is a state known for its rich history, diverse culture, and bustling cities. However, when it comes to the richest neighborhoods in Indiana, only a few stand out from the rest.

Today, we will explore the top affluent cities in Indiana based on their median household income, employment opportunities, and overall economic growth.

We will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about these cities, including their population size, major industries, and key attractions.

You will also learn about the factors that make these cities attractive to residents and investors, such as their low crime rates, affordable housing, and excellent education systems.

The 10 Wealthiest Cities in Indiana

Here are the 10 wealthiest places in Indiana.

1. Zionsville

Zionsville is a wealthy town in Indiana, known for its high median household income of around $137K and a median home price of approximately $557K.

This beautiful town offers top-notch academic achievement and quality of life, attracting many families to settle down here.

Zionsville’s strategic location near interstates I-65 and I-74 makes it easy to access downtown Indianapolis and other central Indiana areas like Carmel or Fishers.

The town also features a charming village full of shops and restaurants that cater to tourists visiting the area.

From antique-filled boutiques to gourmet dining in historic buildings, there’s plenty for locals and visitors alike to enjoy!

2. Carmel

Carmel is a thriving town in Indiana, boasting a median household income of around $113K.

With its young and educated population, this safe and clean town is perfect for those seeking a family-friendly environment.

Carmel has many parks, like the popular ‘The Waterpark,’ offering fun activities for children.

One appealing feature of Carmel is its walkability; most people can walk to any location within 20 minutes.

The Monon trail runs through the heart of the town, creating an active community atmosphere that embraces health and fitness.

Peaceful and quiet, residents often engage in friendly conversations with their neighbors in front yards or over fences.

3. St John

St John is a wealthy town in Indiana, with a median household income of about $104K and a population of over 16,000 people.

Known for its pleasant weather, safety, and diverse fun activities, this town offers an ideal environment to call home.

During the summer months, residents enjoy warm and sunny days perfect for spending time at the pool or engaging in outdoor sports like basketball, soccer, or baseball.

St John’s many parks and recreation areas provide ample space for families to make lasting memories together.

4. Winfield

Winfield is a prosperous Indiana town, where the median income is around $105K and over 60% of families earn more than $100K.

Located less than 20 minutes from Indianapolis, it has a population of about 6,359 people.

Winfield’s growth can be attributed to its position in Hamilton County, an area experiencing consistent growth due to business-friendly tax policies.

Many young professionals find excellent opportunities in this town known for its executive and professional residents.

One attractive feature of Winfield is its average commute time—one of the best in Indiana—which stands at roughly 28.5 minutes.

For those who prefer avoiding challenging weather conditions while driving, the town’s efficient public transit system provides a reliable alternative option.

5. Granger

Granger is one of Indiana’s richest cities, with a median household income of about $102K—much higher than the state’s average of $56K.

This thriving suburban community, close to South Bend, has highly-rated schools and various recreational activities for children and adults alike.

Granger attracts families looking for a secure environment with a range of amenities such as abundant restaurants, shops, and parks.

When locals need a break from city life, they can visit nearby Potato Creek State Park to enjoy natural escapes while hiking or picnicking.

With its strong emphasis on education, safety, and access to both urban conveniences and outdoor recreation opportunities, Granger stands out as an excellent choice for families searching for a well-rounded place to call home in Indiana.

6. McCordsville

McCordsville is a wealthy Indiana town, featuring a median household income of around $99K and an average home value of about $333K.

This rapidly growing town offers families the perfect combination of modern conveniences in a close-knit community atmosphere.

Safety is not a concern for McCordsville’s residents, who benefit from crime rates below both state and national averages.

The small-town charm extends to the wide range of restaurants and shops that cater to its more than 8,000 inhabitants.

Many amenities are within walking distance—an appealing change compared to cities where driving or public transportation is often required.

For those seeking safety, excellent job prospects, and convenience while enjoying family life in Indiana, McCordsville presents itself as an ideal choice.

7. Avon

Avon is a prosperous town in Indiana, enjoying a median household income of about $94K.

This fast-growing area has seen its population jump from around 9,000 to over 17,453 people!

Avon’s convenient location near Indianapolis and Danville makes it an attractive option for those seeking top-quality schools and easy access to shopping centers.

The town’s growth has attracted many new retail stores and services, including popular options like Target, Kohl’s, Jimmy John’s, and Panera Bread.

Residents can enjoy the peaceful suburban atmosphere while having plenty of amenities nearby.

8. Munster

Munster is a prosperous town in Indiana, featuring a median household income of $88K and a population of around 22,689 people.

The healthcare industry drives Munster’s economy, with employers like Community Hospital and Franciscan St. Margaret Health providing numerous job opportunities for the townspeople.

Many homes in this charming town were built between 1930 and 1960, offering a unique historic atmosphere to residents.

Munster also has various bike paths and parks for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

Its close proximity to Chicago allows for easy access to even more amenities and attractions.

9. Bargersville

Bargersville is a wealthy town in Indiana, boasting a median household income of around $88K and a population of just over 7,000 people.

This thriving town has seen impressive growth in recent years and offers various housing options such as apartment complexes and modern homes.

Bargersville’s residents enjoy the perks of living in an area with low unemployment rates and high wages. Many executives, managers, and professionals who live here appreciate the spacious lots of rural settings.

With an average commute time of about 28 minutes to work, Bargersville provides residents with a comfortable life balance.

Its great location makes it easy for families seeking excellent schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational activities nearby!

10. Whitestown

Whitestown is one of Indiana’s wealthiest towns with a median household income of around $85K and an average home value of about $349K.

Whitestown has experienced rapid growth, making it famous for being the fastest-growing town in America!

This friendly community offers top-notch schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities for its residents.

With low crime rates, it’s considered one of the safest places to live in Indiana.

Many new businesses are opening in Whitestown due to its prosperity, giving locals plenty of options to eat, shop, and hang out near their beautiful homes.

It’s an excellent choice for families seeking a safe and thriving environment!

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