TAILG Debuts New TLG Brand and Product Lineup at EICMA, Boosting Global Expansion

In a notable stride towards broadening its global reach, the Chinese electric vehicle powerhouse TAILG announced the global debut of its new TLG brand at the esteemed EICMA 2023, a leading exhibition for two-wheeled vehicles.

The brand’s introduction was coupled with a strategic expansion into the European market, marked by the opening of its inaugural flagship store in Switzerland. The event saw Geng Xiewei, a representative of the Chinese Consulate’s Economic and Commercial Office, gracing the occasion with an encouraging speech that highlighted the significance of innovation and global collaboration in the growing electric vehicle sector.

TAILG’s ambitious move to establish a footprint in Europe with its TLG lineup is a testament to the company’s 20 years of prowess in the electric two and three-wheeler industry. The TLG brand, which stands for “Try · Love · Go,” encapsulates a commitment to providing urban commuters with smart, electric-powered bikes and scooters designed for the modern urban travel lifestyle.

The company’s vision goes beyond mere transportation, aiming to foster a community culture around its brand while pushing the envelope with advanced technology and durable product design.

The new TLG lineup introduced at the event was met with enthusiasm from industry experts and enthusiasts alike. The showcase featured several innovative models, including the GTS, CTS, and TL6, each tailored to different aspects of riding, from thrill-seeking to casual commuting. These models are slated to offer hands-on experiences at the new Swiss flagship store, allowing potential customers to engage directly with the brand’s latest offerings.

The high-speed TL6 pure electric motorcycle is a showcase of TAILG’s engineering acumen, featuring a potent 6kW mid-mounted motor that allows it to reach speeds of up to 100km/h. Its agility is further enhanced by an advanced rotary position sensor ATS, providing precise handling typically reserved for high-performance fuel motorcycles. Safety is a paramount concern with the TL6, as evidenced by its race-grade brake system, which promises a reliable stop with every pull of the lever.

For those who prefer a blend of efficiency and style, the CTS new energy pedal motorcycle presents a minimalist aesthetic with a robust 5000w motor and a 72V 34Ah dual-bank lithium battery. The CTS’s star-ring headlight and silver hue are sure to turn heads, while its top speed of 90km/h and 100km range on a single charge make it an ideal choice for varied travel needs. The model’s cruise control feature reflects TLG’s understanding of rider comfort for longer journeys.

Not to be outdone, the luxury-oriented GTS recreational scooter is a marvel of design and performance. With a 25kW mid-mounted PMSM motor, the GTS can sprint from zero to 50km/h in a mere 2.1 seconds, with a top speed that tops out at an impressive 150km/h. The convenience of recharging at standard electric vehicle stations underscores TLG’s commitment to user-centric experiences.

The introduction of the TY3 and TY3 PRO models rounds out TLG’s diverse product introduction, ensuring a variety of choices for consumers with different preferences and needs. The attention to detail in material selection, manufacturing processes, and the breadth of the product series reflects TLG’s dedication to quality and the customer experience.

TAILG’s significant presence in the electric vehicle domain is underlined by its comprehensive services spanning research and development, production, sales, and after-sales services, including sharing, charging, and swapping facilities.

Founded in 2004 in Shenzhen, the group boasts a robust portfolio of over 1,000 national patents, nine production bases within China, an annual production capacity exceeding 12 million vehicles, and a vast network of over 30,000 terminal experience stores. Its global outreach extends to over 90 countries and regions, making it a formidable name in the electric vehicle industry.

With this new venture, TAILG’s TLG brand is poised to become a significant player in Europe’s electric mobility space, riding on the wave of eco-friendly transportation and innovative technology.

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