Switchblade Flying Sports Car Achieves First Flight

In a landmark achievement that blurs the line between science fiction and reality, the Samson Sky Switchblade, a visionary flying sports car, took to the skies for its inaugural flight in Washington State, heralding a new era in personal transportation.

The Switchblade’s debut marks the culmination of fourteen years of meticulous design and rigorous testing, signaling a giant leap towards the commercial viability of flying cars.

Piloted by the seasoned aviator Robert Moehle, the Switchblade showcased its aerial capabilities by soaring to an altitude of 500 feet for a duration of six minutes.

The flight, initiating from Moses Lake Airport—a hub frequented by aviation giants for test flying—was executed under overcast skies with serene winds, in the presence of the Samson Sky team, who stood by, witnessing their dream take flight.

Moehle, whose expertise spans over 56 aircraft types and includes a pivotal role in the Boeing 787’s test phase, praised the Switchblade’s performance.

His critical involvement over the months contributed significantly to refining the prototype, bringing forth a vehicle that amalgamates automotive and aeronautical innovation.

The Switchblade’s design caters to a burgeoning global demand, with reservations pouring in from across 57 countries.

Its dashboard’s ambidextrous layout is a thoughtful nod to international clientele, accommodating right and left-hand driving preferences. The vehicle’s anticipated production scale is a testament to the widespread enthusiasm and is poised to satisfy over 2300 prospective owners.

The pioneering vehicle boasts a maximum driving speed exceeding 125 mph and an aerial speed estimate of 190 mph.

Its hybrid electric system distinguishes it further by utilizing unleaded auto fuel, allowing refueling at standard gas stations. This feature, along with over nine patents filed in the U.S. and internationally, underscores the innovative edge of the Switchblade.

Practicality is at the forefront of the Switchblade’s design. It seats two passengers comfortably and features collapsible wings and tail that secure the vehicle in driving mode, effectively transitioning from a car to an aircraft in under three minutes.

Its road-legality ensures that owners can drive it out of their garage to a nearby airport and then take to the skies, covering up to 500 miles at a cruise speed of 160 mph before the need to refuel.

The Switchblade’s market introduction is set at a starting price of $170,000, which includes a unique hands-on assembly experience. Buyers participate in the Samson Builder Assist Program, contributing to their vehicle’s construction under professional supervision, with no specialized skills required for the week-long endeavor. Following this, Samson completes the build, ensuring quality and precision.

Notably, the interest in the Switchblade isn’t limited to existing pilots. Many reservations come from individuals yet to acquire a pilot’s license, indicating a growing trend of flight enthusiasts eager to take the controls.

Sam Bousfield, the CEO of Samson Sky and the brains behind the Switchblade, expressed profound satisfaction at the project’s progress. The successful maiden flight not only represented a personal victory but also an inspiring moment for innovators and dreamers worldwide.

Bousfield’s reflection on the flight as the realization of a dream encapsulates the essence of this pioneering journey—a journey that promises to redefine the horizons of travel and adventure. With the Switchblade’s successful test flight, the fantasy of a flying car is now one step closer to becoming an everyday reality.

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