Avoid these 10 mistakes when visiting Amsterdam

Known for its historic canals, iconic windmills, and vibrant culture, this city attracts millions of globetrotters annually.

While its charm is irresistible, travelers often fall into common pitfalls that can transform a dream vacation into a less-than-ideal experience.

Many tourists think they’re prepared, yet end up getting caught in tourist traps or overlooking the city’s unspoken norms.

This guide aims to steer you clear of such errors, ensuring that your time in the Dutch capital is nothing short of amazing.

Let’s make your trip memorable for the right reasons!

Walking along the fietspaden (bike paths)

While on the streets, you might find yourself walking along the fietspaden, or bike paths, out of sheer ignorance or perhaps just to take a shortcut.

But tread carefully; this seemingly innocent act is not just frowned upon but can also put you in harm’s way.

Fietspaden is specifically designed for cyclists who are accustomed to traveling at higher speeds.

Your presence there disrupts the flow, making it perilous for everyone involved.

Plus, locals take their cycling seriously; veering into their path can elicit strong reactions, to put it mildly.

To make the most out of your Amsterdam experience, stick to pedestrian paths and let the cyclists have their well-designated space.

Thinking a coffeeshop is a café

Ah, the allure of cozy cafés with aromatic coffee is universal, but don’t let this perception fool you in Amsterdam.

Walking into a coffee shop expecting cappuccinos and pastries, you’re more likely to encounter a menu of cannabis products.

That’s right, in this city, “coffeeshop” is code for a place where cannabis is sold and consumed.

It’s a cultural norm here, but it can shock the uninitiated.

Stepping into one of these establishments without this crucial piece of information could lead to some awkward moments or unintended purchases.

For an actual coffee fix, look for signs that say “café” or “koffiehuis.”

Keeping this subtle but important distinction in mind can save you from a surprising, and potentially mind-altering experience.

Drinking alcohol and smoking in public

In many places, enjoying a cold beer or a casual smoke outdoors may be socially acceptable, but in Amsterdam, it’s a different story.

Public consumption of alcohol or lighting up a cigarette in certain areas can earn you a fine.

Designated zones for such activities exist, but outside these areas, you run the risk of crossing legal boundaries.

Parks, for instance, often have rules against public drinking, and smoking is generally prohibited near children’s playgrounds.

It’s essential to be mindful of your surroundings and local regulations.

While Amsterdam has a reputation for a laid-back atmosphere, authorities enforce these rules for the safety and comfort of all residents and visitors.

Keep your eyes peeled for signs indicating restrictions to avoid unintended legal complications.

Buying and eating any space cake or waffle

Amsterdam’s reputation for liberal drug policies might tempt you to try a “space cake” or waffle, infused with cannabis.

But proceed with caution. These aren’t your ordinary baked goods; they contain THC, which induces psychoactive effects.

Unlike smoking, where effects are felt almost immediately, edibles take time to kick in.

The delayed reaction often leads visitors to consume more, thinking it’s not working.

This miscalculation can result in an intense, sometimes overwhelming experience.

Also, the potency varies from one shop to another, making it even more challenging to gauge how much to consume.

Renting a bike but not knowing the local rules

Renting a bike seems like the perfect way to blend in and explore Amsterdam like a local.

However, diving into this experience without understanding local biking rules can be problematic.

The city’s cyclists move rapidly and follow a set of unspoken guidelines that might not be intuitive to visitors.

Ignorance of these norms could not only cause accidents but also attract glares or verbal reprimands from locals.

For instance, hand signals are crucial for turning and stopping, and bells are used to alert rather than scold.

Biking lanes are for cyclists alone; don’t stop there to take pictures or check your map.

Get familiar with basic cycling rules and etiquette to navigate the city’s bike paths safely and respectfully.

Thinking Amsterdam is just Damrak and De Wallen

Ah, the glow of neon lights in Damrak and the infamous allure of De Wallen, also known as the Red Light District.

These areas often capture the imagination of first-time visitors.

Yet, fixating on these tourist hotspots means missing out on the rich tapestry that makes Amsterdam truly special.

The city is a blend of artistic heritage, tranquil canals, bustling markets, and idyllic parks.

Neighborhoods like Jordaan offer a charming maze of canals and indie boutiques, while De Pijp is a melting pot of cultures with an array of overall offerings from hip bars to exotic cuisines.

Taking pictures in De Wallen

Ah, the impulse to capture every moment on camera, especially in a place as unique as De Wallen.

Resist this urge fervently. Photography in this particular area isn’t just frowned upon; it’s expressly forbidden.

The women working in the Red Light District have a right to privacy, and snapping photos without consent is both disrespectful and invasive.

This rule is strictly enforced, with violators risking camera confiscation or even a run-in with the authorities.

It’s a cultural norm meant to protect the dignity and safety of the people in this profession.

Keep your camera tucked away and your smartphone in your pocket.

Not pre-booking tickets to some attractions

Excitement fills the air as you approach iconic sites like the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, or the Van Gogh Museum.

But wait, what’s this? A line that stretches around the block! Not pre-booking tickets can be a significant oversight.

Many of Amsterdam’s most famous attractions have limited ticket availability and long queues.

You could end up wasting precious hours standing in line, or worse, miss out entirely if tickets are sold out for the day.

Pre-booking often grants not just guaranteed entry but also the luxury of a specific time slot, enabling better planning and less idle time.

Before your trip, make sure to go online and secure your spots for these must-visit locations.

This small step can make a significant difference in how much you can enjoy and explore.

Missing out on street food

Amsterdam’s culinary landscape extends far beyond fine dining and classic Dutch eateries.

Neglecting the city’s street food is missing out on an integral part of the local culture.

From mouth-watering stroopwafels to piping hot herring sandwiches, these delights offer not just a quick bite but also a glimpse into Amsterdam’s culinary soul.

You’ll find vendors at markets, food trucks near popular spots, and even specialized kiosks offering a single, perfected item.

Each dish tells a story, capturing the essence of a community that relishes simple yet flavorful food.

Not packing right for the weather

Neglecting to pack appropriately for the city’s unpredictable weather can dampen even the most enthusiastic spirit.

The city experiences frequent rain showers, and temperatures can vary considerably within the same day.

Forgetting a waterproof jacket or a pair of comfortable walking shoes can leave you unprepared for sudden changes in climate.

While it might be sunny one moment, clouds can roll in rapidly, bringing rain or a sudden drop in temperature.

Checking the weather forecast and packing layers, rain gear, and suitable footwear can make your explorations much more comfortable.

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